18 Going On 19: The First Prediction Article

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It is at this point of the year that any and almost all instances of media begin to reflect on the year that is closing out. They tally up the wins, loses, and there is little mention of what is in between. They then quickly move on to pondering the next year for another sporting chance of claiming a tiny slice of prescience if it is only based on the experiences of the year they are leaving and the trends they have seen before. Spirits do not crash the threshold to whisper the winning stock purchase and sell sequences nor do they issue the needed detour signs for any turmoils that will surely be up ahead.

While I ignore the mainstream babble of celebrities and hyped entertainment outlets, I do find it interesting when the various providers of more focused areas of contents (generally in the form of blogs and casts) add their own thoughts on the year to come. While there is often a little bit of jest added to the pile through the form of outlandish divined events with silly outcomes comprising characters or entities heavily discussed in their focus, the vast majority offer insight to the hopes and the fears of the providers and the audience. They tend to be well thought out and tested with some form of logic and manage to weave together the year fading with the year that is soon-to-be. They do it so well that it is easy to imagine that point on the timeline ahead and imagine the course of events that result from it. We imagine in detail alternate timelines creating a collective microuniverse with its own boundaries and nature. 2019 is no longer the unknown, but an adventure through the undiscovered country riddled with legends and folklore that we created ourselves.

It is with this idea that we pre-write the pages our existence's story and it with each page turn the ink melts away to new words and images of the experienced that can at times be jarring and sharp that it hurls the imagined reality into realm of disappointment. Whether good or bad the imagined idea, we feel a loss for that part of life that would have been able to say, “I was there when ... “. It is another assertion over our lives. While, not meriting a full depression and funeral, it causes our imagination to feel slighted and resentful for being pushed to the side. It takes a moment to for it to get brave again to venture out, but until it does it throws its microuniverse into realm of nostalgia. We yearn to interact with that vivid existence because it is as close to the existence we had back when we raided Snake Mountain or battled for the honor of Rylos and defended The Frontier and had magic and wonder that encapsulated every fiber of being.

While I am not going to set the timelines for you, I will suggest a few events for you with a reasonable catalyst so that it might allow you to experience some of the my story ahead.

Microuniverse 2019

The failed attempts to for the Congress of the United States to reverse the FCC's rollback of “Net Neutrality” in December 2018 will be the end of cautioned, measured steps of Internet Service Providers with their own content asset interests. There will be active movements for tiers, throttles, and restricted access. Cost wars will create a rift between the giants leaving the consumers in the middle.

The fight to regulate as well as punish social media companies like Facebook and Twitter for privacy, sphere of influence, and content of conflict. Self regulation attempts (censorship), transparency over privacy, and revelations will lead to a growing awareness of the hazards of central silos of information in which data is the currency.

The year 2018 saw a leaping growth in activitypub/fediverse development. While some are just laying foundations, other projects are surging forward in features and user feedback that they pose to be household names in the coming year through word of mouth, public instances, or even focused community efforts.

Fediverse microblogging (Mastodon, Pleroma), photo and video sharing Pixelfed (and maybe Anfora), an alternative cloud music management (Whalebird) will pull more interest from the general public as mobile clients become available or gain greater functionality.

Mobile clients for fediverse projects will coincide with a major security or privacy exploit for a big name social or tech company. The trend of “applifying” the web into more visual and interactive binary clients will see a application developers or library developers taking advantage of the actively growing troves of data from sensors and mapping relationships of people through use. Fediverse projects and other open source applications will be seen as the new hope for the violated people. Open software stores will take on a higher presence when media.

Peertube will gain as a result of the cost of startup for independent providers, self-destructive behaviors larger streaming services and content providers to increase revenue or cap bandwidth.

Economic downturn caused by a freezing of trickle-down rainfall to the workers by companies taking tax cuts, increased alienation of allies, an ego-based trade negotiations and budgeting in the name of security will lead to unavailable coverage for a major event. There be a rise to what some may call a grassroots movement and others an underground movement to create decentralized communication systems circumventing government sanctioned service monopolies and efforts to create encryption backdoors.

It's dark, but it is not that bad. Eh?