Thank you for the you in me.

When I first discovered and became fascinated with and writefreely, I wanted to see what people were doing with it. I ended up putting the into my RSS reader.

From there, I experienced a transformation in my daily skims and nods at what is going on. The text was living. The text was my emptiness, my hope, my wishful thinking, my struggles, my fascinations, my fears, my feeling better, and my learning. It is what the universe's experiment gone cruelly and humorously haywire has denied me: connection.

Some vent. Some aspire. Some educate. Some desire. All contemplation of a piece of their existence.

Take the time and stop the normal headlines, deadlines, and bylines. Even if you do not read the whole post, follow the entire instance and read at least a paragraph or two. I honestly believe that you will discover what I did.