When you fight to save yourself, there is a chance that you will lose yourself in the process. My absence from Mastodon, Pixelfed, write.as, and most of my interests and desires was a symptom of this personal demise.

After a cascade of setbacks in mental, financial, health, and overall well-being, I found myself to be an encapsulated void moving through time and space. There was stimulation, reconstruction, or fiber of being that was who that I was. If I did try to find myself, I only found the void.

When I started to feel like some scrap of identity was trying to resettle, I tried to put a structure and an order of operations to the return of me. The result suffocated the spark.

Now, without the slightest clue of how or why, I am here to announce that I have returned and feel myself pulling forward over the jagged the terrain that ripped me out of the universe.